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When to Outsource Your Efforts as a Band

Starting a band and maintaining traction once you’ve hit the ground running can be incredibly time consuming and overwhelming. Aside from writing music, musicians must dedicate a considerable amount of time to the business side of things. This can include marketing, graphic design, digital content (i.e. music videos), and much more. Though many of these can be done by the… Read more →


5 of Today’s Most Underrated Musicians

In the highly competitive music industry, even musicians that experience a slight taste of success often seem to go unnoticed by much of the world. These five talents fit into this category, making our list of today’s most underrated musicians. Rationale a.k.a. Tinashe Fazakerley Even with fans including Elton John and Katy Perry, this Zimbabwe native singer and producer’s powerful… Read more →


Traits of a Successful Musician

There’s no magic formula for how to write the perfect song or how to become a household name, though people have long searched for one and continued to come up dry. However, there are some important character traits that will serve all aspiring musicians faithfully as they climb their way into the public eye.   Integrity | No matter what… Read more →