Martial Arts Blogs You Should Follow

Martial arts encompasses many different fighting styles and ways of thinking, as well as many different disciplines. It can be tough to find the right blogs dedicated to this to this way of life when searching online. So in this post, you will learn about three great martial arts blogs and why you should follow them.

The Martial Arts Woman

If you would like a list of credentials for your blog authors, Andrea Harkins has you covered. Harkins is the founder of the Martial Art’s Woman blog and has been featured in Martial Arts Illustrated UK, Martial Arts Business, and the World Martial Arts Magazine, to name a few! The Martial Arts Woman is a great source for learning how to apply martial arts philosophies to all aspects of your life. Andrea’s stress management techniques are a series of articles that are great. While the name of this blog is the Martial Arts Woman, you don’t have to be female to gain value from this website.

Urban Martial Arts

This blog features list-style posts that are both informative and fun to read. The content of this blog is information that you can put into action. The Urban Martial Arts blog does well at putting complex terms in a way that most will understand. Fitness fanatics should also follow their blog as it features many workout and diet tips. Urban Martial Arts provides expert information from their masterful employees at their facility in Brooklyn.

Ikigai Way

Ikigai Way is a blog that is focused on the more classic aspects or martial arts. You’ll find many older photos and posts about the legends of martial arts, featuring a wide variety of disciplines. However, Ikigai Way still covers many current happenings the martial arts world. The blog features interviews with big names from the realm of martial artists. The tips and tricks section of the Ikigai Way blog features many posts that can actually help improve your understanding of martial arts altogether.

In closing, there are great blogs to continue your learning of martial arts. The Martial Arts Woman isn’t just meant for females, everyone can learn a new philosophy from this website. Urban Martial Arts is great for finding list posts that feature how to’s and diet regimen tips. Ikigai Way is a blog better suited to the martial arts enthusiast. These blogs cover just about every fighting style there is and are full of the information necessary to improve your skills and knowledge.