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The Best Music Festivals for Families

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival: This week-long festival is a great way to take in the culture of New Orleans and listen to some great music. 2017’s fest includes Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, and Meghan Trainor. Single day tickets are $70 in advance, or $80 at the gate. Children under 10 are only $5, and children under… Read more →

5 Overseas Music Artists to Look out for in 2017

The music industry is an incredibly overpopulated group of musicians both young and old trying to establish their presence in this massive pool of talent. While it may be difficult to reach the highest levels of fame possible, many artists are making their names known in their respective genres, and pouring their hearts and souls out on every track recorded.… Read more →

William Nakulski

Why You Should Support Local Musicians

Entertainment In my experience, it is incredible and absolutely amazing, the amount of talent which exists out there in the world with regards to music, and the fact that most of them are never to be “discovered”.  Of all the reasons to support your local music scene, this is the most important factor. We go to concerts to be entertained,… Read more →

William Nakulski

In-Office Music: The Ongoing Debate

A common argument among coworkers may be the role music plays in one’s productivity throughout the day. Some say it can be a distraction, while others counter that claim, saying it motivates and stimulates them to the point of actually being able to get more work done. Many studies have been conducted agreeing with the latter, though the degree in… Read more →

Pakistan’s Growing Music Industry

Pakistani music has its own unique style, which is a blend of various types of music from many different locations, such as Western pop music, music from South and Central Asia, and music from the Middle East. These varieties melded together to make a vibrant music scene that’s continually evolving and being improved, even today. The rich history of Pakistani… Read more →

How Music Affects The Brain

Music is an artform beloved by many. While it is predominantly considered a form of entertainment, the mental benefits that come with listening to just 5 minutes of music is an aspect that is largely overlooked. Affecting several parts of the brain, music can influence what we think and feel. For example, listening to a song that can be interpreted… Read more →

The Process of Songwriting

Music can be interpreted in an unlimited amount of ways by those who avidly listen, and the musicians behind these songs provide the platforms for translation. While some may attempt to convey more meaning than others, there is no denying that the process of songwriting can be extremely arduous regardless of method, genre, or experience.  Some writers can produce an… Read more →