Business Skills Learned From Playing With a Band

While most major rock stars and their bands have managers to handle the business side, members of smaller bands must market themselves. This can get hectic for the small-band members as they also have to write their songs, and perfect their playing. On the bright side however, you have probably acquired a number of marketable business skills having played in a band — those which you can use to get a career in a field of your choice.

Planning and Organization

It takes planning and organization skills to schedule practices, book events, and keep the pipeline full of future gigs. You also have to arrange for your equipment to be transported to each venue in advance of your events, assuming you don’t do so yourself.. These are some of the most important skills you need to keep an operation running.


Showing up and being present many say is success in itself.  A band would likely not take kindly to members who don’t attend practice or disrespect the rest of the group or even their fans.  Such behavior would make it sure to not last for long and damage your reputation.  The same would prove true in business.  It also takes practice and determination to master any skill, and focus on practicing with your instrument is essential.


Any action that you’ve taken to promote your band involves marketing, whether you’ve distributed flyers, run ads, or tried to pitch a song or your recorded music to producers. Marketing entails how you package and present your band to the public. Besides product and promotion, other key facets of marketing are price and distribution — both of which you work with as a devoted musician.


When you’re in a band, you must search for and study the potential venues where you can play, or locate press sources you can use to promote yourself. You must also inquire whom to contact in various cities to pitch to them and set up gigs. All of this entails research (most of which can be done online today), which translates directly to business skills, whether you are in an entry-level position or management.


By definition, negotiating is finding your way through a difficult path. This can include contacting or visiting venue owners, convincing them to let you play, setting your fees, or arranging for help to get set up. Negotiating skills are essential for getting things done in nearly every type of business today.


People use a lot of writing skills in the business world, whether they’re typing emails, putting together proposals, writing reports, or creating presentations for management. You spend a lot of time writing as a musician as well. Perhaps you’ve written words to a song that inspired people, or created a promotional piece or press release that gets people to act or buy your music. Writing and communicating are two of the most important business skills, according to Quint Careers.

Graphic Design


If you’ve designed a logo for your band, you’ve harbored your graphic design skills. You’ve also used and developed this skill each time you created captivating posters, online banners, or any other illustrations to promote your band or songs. Graphic design skills are valuable in the workplace because companies must present the best images they can to sell their wares.