Applying Martial Arts Values to Business

William Nakulski martial arts in business

Martial arts aren’t just good for your physical health; they can help you in various other areas as well. Many people involved in martial arts cite a number of examples on how it helped them succeed in other areas of their lives. One area that may be unexpected is business, but quite a few business owners practice martial arts and believe it has exponentially helped their careers. There are many skills developed through martial arts that will come in handy if you work in the business world.

Respect others

A huge aspect of martial arts is the importance of honor and respect toward your opponents, teachers, and students. Understanding the importance of respect will show itself in others areas of your life, such as your job. In business, you need to respect people, whether it’s your employees, co-workers, or competition. If you give respect and practice honesty, you’ll get it in return and also be known for being someone with integrity, which makes other people want to work with you.

Embrace failure

Martial arts are difficult, so you’re going to fail when you first start training. Through failure, you learn to get back up and keep working. This same principle can be applied to business as well as all aspects of life. It’s likely that at some point in your career, especially if you try starting your own business, you’ll experience some kind of failure. It’s important to know how to learn from it and keep going on.  This is the natural order of procession, and martial arts teaches that.  One of the most vital lessons anyone can learn in order to be successful is to not give up and maintain an your indomitable spirit, no matter how many times you fail.

Control your reactions

It’s easy to get upset when you feel hurt or that something was unfair. In martial arts, you’ll get hit and injured, but it’s important to control your emotions and still be able to fight or proceed with a calm demeanor, or you’ll certainly continue losing. In the business world, events that are upsetting, painful or unfair often occur or you might experience poor treatment. If you lose your composure, it’ll only worsen the situation. Instead of getting upset and letting your emotions take control, you’ll know how to approach it calmly and save face while actually searching for a solution.  Master situations with your mind, and then the body and material world will follow.  One of the core philosophies in the greatest forms of martial arts in the world teaches that once you have resorted to violence, you have already lost.

Relieve stress

Much like any intense physical activity, martial arts will help you relieve stress. You also have the added bonus of getting to actually fight with someone, in a controlled and safe environment. When work is overwhelming and you need to cool off, sparring can be the perfect solution and may help you clear your mind.

Learn focus
Martial arts teaches you incredible focus. You need to carefully concentrate on your moves and really put yourself in the moment. This skill can be invaluable in business, where it’s so easy to just go through the motions and try to get to the end of the day. With focus, you’ll be able to accomplish more and feel fulfilled.