5 of Today’s Most Underrated Musicians

In the highly competitive music industry, even musicians that experience a slight taste of success often seem to go unnoticed by much of the world. These five talents fit into this category, making our list of today’s most underrated musicians.

  1. Rationale a.k.a. Tinashe Fazakerley

Even with fans including Elton John and Katy Perry, this Zimbabwe native singer and producer’s powerful and unique vocal prowess and synth-pop sound with hints of African influences has eluded the mainstream. His 2010 release of two EPs and three singles failed to chart well, as did Saved released under the name Tinashe. However, critics and current fans predict he’ll be a household name and radio success very soon.

  1. Foxes

Louisa Rose Allen enjoys widespread acclaim in her homeland of England, and goes under the stage name Foxes for her singing and songwriting efforts. Even though she’s prominently featured on ‘Just One Yesterday’ by Fall Out Boy and ‘Clarity’ by Zedd, Foxes has yet to earn a solid global fanbase. We think this young up-and-comer’s incredible range and theatrical vocals can change the electro-pop scene in the near future.

  1. Holychild

Consisting of Liz Nistico and Louie Diller, Holychild is an LA based duo of singers, songwriters and musicians whose talents have yet to peak the music scene. You’d think with a record deal with Glassnote and their debut single ‘Running Behind’ being featured in the iWatch commercials, they’d be huge. Yet, it seems that perhaps the world isn’t quite ready for brat pop, but we’re optimistic Holychild will take off soon.

  1. Ella Eyre

Born Ella McMahon, this young British singer wows fans with her extensive vocal range and attracted the interest of collaborators such as Tinie Tempah and Wiz Khalifa. She was a top contender for the BBC Sound and Critics’ Choice Award in 2014, but her popularity seemed to fizzle. Rumor has it, she’s taking a brief respite to pen fresh material. Look for this underrated artist to resurface with a bang.

  1. Raury

Raury Deshawn Tullis released ‘Indigo Child’ in 2014 and signed a deal with Columbia Records. He placed in the top four on BBC Sound in 2015, but still lacks the success he deserves according to many critics. Many music experts attribute this lack of enthusiasm due to Raury’s style of New Age rap, a niche that has yet to catch on. With the world on the cusp of the unknown, it’s likely more people will soon appreciate his messages.

Which modern artists do you feel are severely underrated and underappreciated in mainstream music today? Tell us what you think in the comments.