William Nakulski, a longtime entrepreneur and founder of numerous successful companies, is passionate about music and martial arts. Both of these interests have defined core parts of William’s personality from a very young age.

Martial Arts

As a child William Nakulski first tested the waters by taking taekwondo classes. He later got involved in shotokan karate, which quickly became his favorite martial arts style, and he ultimately received a black belt in it.

Although William no longer actively practices, he continues to apply many of the theories and principles behind martial arts to his life in general. Bruce Lee’s philosophies in particular have inspired William to seek out a life of purpose, independence, and emphasis on both self-reflection and self-confidence. William believes that fitness can instill a sense of discipline and can contribute to a person’s overall well-being.


A lifelong music enthusiast, William Nakulski challenged himself to start creating his own works early on. He has composed 50+ songs total, spanning nearly every genre. From tribal influences to dance beats to classical compositions, William enjoys incorporating different aspects of music to tell stories or simply entertain listeners through music.

More About William

“One of the keys to life is simply having the right people or things in place.  This pertains to love, knowledge, health, and finances.” – William Nakulski

William Nakulski’s ability to consult with high-profile clients around the world is a byproduct of all the ways he’s operated, his philosophy, wisdom obtained from those around him, successes and even failures of the past. He strongly believes in embracing your failures, learning from them, facing your fears, and maintaining an indomitable spirit.  William believes with the proper mindset, even failure can and will ultimately lead to a successful path, making virtually everything achievable.  This requires persistence, the ability and willingness to learn from both your experiences as well as others’. Similar to martial arts, business endeavors can teach and require individuals to always value discipline, hard work, and humility–and how to constantly improve and refine their techniques until they discover what truly works for them.

William Nakulski is the founder of over a dozen successful startups and he is proud to help his clients properly invest and manage their assets to reach their goals and achieve success. He has started such companies as Cash For Land, FWE Property Management, Greatest Sale Inc., Superior Credit Lending LLC, and Premium Textiles.

At age 16, William started his first successful website and business, GreatestSale.com. He continued to cultivate a strong background in computer science and gained years of experience working at a consulting engineering firm. In this position he worked on a wide variety of facilities, including the Sears Tower (now known as the Willis Tower), Hotels, Argonne National Labs, Military facilities, Aircraft Hangars, Schools, Hospitals, and other Government facilities

As a business consultant, William Nakulski privately consults with high profile clients around the world, helping them to properly invest and manage their assets to reach their goals and achieve success. He has at least ten current business partnerships and considers genuine connection and relationship-building as integral forces in professional success.

William is also a proud husband to a remarkable wife who helped make everything possible, father to children who encompass all his dreams come true, and a passionate philanthropist.


Some of the many charities which William Nakulski holds dear to his heart include: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Cancer Research Institute, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Many of these diseases have touched his life personally and have motivated him to seek out ways to enable research (and hopefully cures) for them in particular. However William, who has a long background in computer science and information technology, is fascinated in general by the endless opportunities that technology has to offer. Perhaps no channel is more promising than unearthing the causes and cures of biological diseases.

His philosophy is simple: we can do anything that we want to do; we just need the proper knowledge and technology to guide our efforts. As technology improves at an exponential pace, so does humankind’s chance to improve the treatment and ultimate curing of diseases.